Stories of technologies, ideas and insights talk to the heart. Bio Friendly Packs Pvt. Ltd. (BFPPL) has its story based on transformation in people’s habits and lives, by bringing to them a huge array of well-designed paper bags to carry and keep retail-purchases or other normal stuff. Keeping a keen focus on taking sustainability to the next level, we use recycled and recyclable/compostable paper to manufacture different bags. With an unflinching penchant for innovation, invention and ingenuity and a profound drive to add new dimensions to our business, we design, manufacture & supply a whole range of custom-printed paper bags of various sizes and shapes.

Aiming to make a paradigmatic shift in manufacturing paper bags by using and reducing paper-waste/increasing recyclable content in packaging, we promote reusability and engaged in exploring creative possibilities to inspire people to use paper-based and recyclable hand-bags. We have brought in productivity, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness with our paper-bag-solutions for our customers, from whom we have received enormous goodwill and support. Our unique and customized offerings have always brought to them a higher degree of utility. Our passion and aspiration find expression in the regular adoption of innovative and upcoming trends in the industry.

Headquartered in Noida, an industrial hub in the Indian National Capital Region, we not only craft a vast variety of paper bags, but are also always keyed up to push the envelope in attaining and sustaining the quality and usefulness of our products. We are SEDEX and ISO 9001 2015 certified company. With an in-house laboratory, we’ve rigorous quality-control practices in place which are in line with various contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements, making sure a definite quality-sustenance across varied stages of manufacturing of different paper bags. We’ve an in-house R&D-unit, which is always dedicated to inventive activities related to design and development of varied bags.

More than anything, we go beyond the commitment to serve our customers, as our aspiration inspires us in the journey ahead to continue to work as an exemplary Indian and global enterprise.


We see ourselves playing a impactful role in making possible the growth of the sustainable packaging market at global level. We’re here to use resources and processes to create paper bags in a way that keeps the carbon footprint of the entire life-cycle at the lowest of levels, increases awareness about environmental concerns among end-consumers and industries, highlights ethical sourcing of raw materials and sends across a strong message to eliminate plastic in industrial packaging. We ardently wish to contribute in creating a cleaner & greener world, riding on the new era of technologies & innovational agility.

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Our mission is encapsulated in becoming one of the 20 top-bracket Indian Paper Bag manufacturers and a preferred global supplier of quality paper bags from India by 2025. In fact, the whole idea of having mission for our organization is to keep increasing its efficiency. We, at BFPPL, are committed to grasp the advancements in global green packaging solutions faster to stay ahead of the curve in meeting our clients’ rising expectations.


People in our Leadership form a typical day-to-day team, closely involved in the big-picture thinking and the detailed execution of the plans. The team at BFPPL represents a great mix of experience & expertise, with a cohesive bunch of committed professionals having an insightful understanding of paper bag industry, forming its core.

Rajneesh Gupta- Founder & Promoter

A real go-getter all through his professional career of more than 25 years, Mr.
Gupta has worked in different higher echelons of corporate world and bears a
deep understanding of environmental issues & sustainability.

Overseeing all aspects of strategy, growth & execution at BFPPL, Mr. Gupta sets
forth the strategic direction of the organization, promotes its mission & ensures
its operational success.

Ritu Gupta- Director

Holding the degree of Masters in Electronics & Instrumentation, Ms. Gupta is
profoundly passionate about developing solutions that enable responsible
manufacturing, use & disposal of products.



A persistent focus on Sustainability, Reliability, Responsiveness & Resourcefulness for our clients Integrity, Respect and High Standards across our mechanism.

A perfectly operational, technologically advanced and compliance-driven mechanism.

An unwavering attitude towards quality and customer-relations.